Computer LAB

Emil Méndez Berrios

The Two Computer LAB are available to students, a classrooms and a work laboratory open to all ARQPOLI students 7 days
a week during specific schedules. The main lab is used as a classroom, where all computer-related courses (CAD I, CAD II,
Photoshop and Digital Imaging, and 3D Studio) are taught. The second lab is open on a limited schedule to students,
serving as a support facility for all other courses; internet access and plotters are available in this room.
The lab is equipped with thirteen (13) computers, programs (ACAD 2007, Draft Sight, ArchiCAD14, Sketchup, Artlantis
Studio, Rhinoceros, CS5 Adobe [limited edition], Adobe Professional and Microsoft Office 2010), 3 42” HP Plotters, a
scanner and two (2) Toshiba Multi-function printers with a printing station. There are three (3) additional 42” HP plotters
available in several of the Capstone courses offices.

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