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Cristina M. Parrilla Navarro

The Digital Media Archive, formerly known as the Media Lab, is a controlled facility that serves primarily as the School’s institutional digital memory and database. It stores academic works such as: Mid-career research papers, Capstone projects, think-tank products and other research ventures. Among other things: a slide image collection, lectures’ videos, photographs, ARQPOLI’s publications and a small digital collection of architectural books and magazines. It also serves as home to the program’s webpage headquarter and the graphic design studio responsible for the schools’ graphic identity and the diffusion of news and promotional information on the program.

This facility houses 5 personal computer workstations with access to five main computers, which are used both by students and professors for research in the fields of architecture, graphic arts and digital technologies as support for the academic and studio work. The archive serves also as a digital reading room. As a long-term plan, we envision the archive to become an integrated information hub (comprising the library, the engineering departments and other external resources), to become a more comprehensive center for research and information sharing within the student body, the faculty and the general public. The archive is part of the institutional computer main system.

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