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The Library maintains current and retrospective collections of resources in areas of architecture, design, theory, architectural history, urban design, landscape architecture, building technology and preservation which support the instructional and research needs of the School of Architecture. The architecture NA collection has 12,794 books.

The Library takes into consideration and utilizes The Core List of the Association of Architecture School Librarians for the acquisition of magazines and periodicals specialized in architecture. There are 554 printed titles related to architecture and 404 titles are organized under the NA Library of Congress classification. In addition, the architecture programs benefit from the support of collections pertaining to related disciplines such as structural, environmental and other engineering fields.

Given the interest of the School of Architecture program in historical contexts and cultural traditions, especially in the Caribbean region, the Library has placed particular emphasis on the History of Architecture, Hispanic American, and Latin American History topics in addition to the other instructional subjects.  The Library has a significant collection of new and out of print resources related to the history of Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.

In the development of the architecture serials collection, an effort has been made to acquire resources relevant to the Architecture of the Hispanic Antilles. As a result, current, retrospective and difficult to locate out-of-print materials, have been acquired. Some materials are unique, such as the nearly complete collection of URBE, which is the only architecture magazine ever published in Puerto Rico with some continuity, covering the years 1962 to 1973. Other collections, such as Arquitectura Cuba is nearly complete from 1928–1998, as is Arquitectura Uruguay from 1914–1996.

Since 1998 the Library has subscribed to El Croquis, a major Spanish publication on Architecture, and has been able to acquire back issues dating as far back as 1986. Other serial titles with an important historical focus are: PROA, a much-referenced Latin American publication (including issues from 1981 to 1999, when it was discontinued); the majority of the back issues of Escala, another Latin American serial published since 1985; and Archivos de Arquitectura Antillana, from the Dominican Republic.

Subscription to Architectural Record dates back to 1986. In 1990 the Library received a donation of back issues from the Architectural Records and completed the missing issues. Architectural Design, from the United Kingdom, is in the library since 1983. Some of the titles mentioned, as well as others in our architectural serials collection, are included in the Core List of Periodical Titles for a First-Degree Program in Architecture, compiled by the Association of Architecture School Librarians (AASL). The Core List identifies essential titles that an architecture library should incorporate: forty-nine (49) “must have” titles and twenty-six (26) recommended, but not required, supplementary list. At present, PUPR’s Library includes forty-six (46) titles from the “must have” list, and seven (7) from the supplementary list.

In terms of databases, students from the School of Architecture benefit from the online access to the Avery Index (a database Index of Architecture Periodicals).  

The visual and non-book collection consists of 3,008 video titles of which 165 are related to architecture.

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